Toyota opens its first driving school in Chennai

Toyota opens its first driving school in Chennai

Akito Tachibana, managing director, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, inaugurates the new Toyota Driving School in Chennai.

In a bid to ensure good driving skills through proper training methods, Toyota Kirloskar Motor has begun opening driver training schools in India.

The carmaker opened the Toyota Driving School in Chennai today, its first in Tamil Nadu state and fourth in India. The new dealership is managed by the company’s leading dealership, Lanson Toyota. The company had opened its first driving school in March 2015 in Lucknow, followed by similar projects in Hyderabad and Kochi to bring down the rising numbers of road accidents caused largely due to human error in India and bring training module will integrate technical expertise along with enhancing behavioural skills to create awareness about safety nationwide,

Toyota Driving School ensures that every student is provided modern learning methods and certified teachers, and clears the tests as a responsible and safe driver. The comprehensive curriculum comprises a high-quality, driver training programme and practical training models like a driver simulator. To make this experience as realistic as possible, Toyota has incorporated features like IP, steering and seats of an Etios.

Key highlights of the curriculum include traffic management, rules and road discipline, safe and right driving concepts, simulation of driving a real vehicle before getting on road, all aspects of practical driving on road, driving in various road and climate conditions, basic car maintenance and repair and emergency handling. Talking to Autocar Professional, Akito Tachibana, managing director, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, said, “We plan to set up 50 such driving schools across the country by 2020. The launch of our driving school is a big opportunity for us to come closer to customers with a solution for road safety. We aim to be the best driving schools in India. Our focus will not be just issuing a driving licence but much more of a place that follows a comprehensive approach ensuring every single student becomes a responsible driver on road.”

The simulator, a key part of the teaching programme, is expected to provide hands-on experience. A learner can practice all car controls like steering, accelerator, brake and gearshifts before moving on to real-world vehicles. The simulator also creates various road and weather conditions like fog, dim light, uphill and downhill terrain. This is also the first car simulator in India with full high definition computer graphics in an immersive curved projection environment and the first with a complete car cabin along with gears. There is also extensive local language support for effective training and extensive session for new and advanced drivers. TKM, which has a sharp focus on safety, has been engaged in road safety initiatives since 2005 through various all-India campaigns. The company says it has engaged with over six lakh students across the country through its Toyota Safety Education programme.

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