Toyota Mirai will be targeted to Germany, UK

To paraphrase the line from the movie Field of Dreams, if countries build those hydrogen refueling stations, the Toyota Mirai will come. That’s what the company is saying in regards to distributing the first mass-produced hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle to Europe, according to Automotive News. And in the grand scheme of things, those numbers will still be pretty small.

The Japanese automaker will send about 100 vehicles to Europe in both 2016 and 2017, and about 90 percent of those will be distributed to either the UK or Germany, according to Automotive News Europe. That’s because the latter country is slated to have 50 working hydrogen refueling stations by the end of the year, while about 65 stations will be online in the UK by the end of the decade. Either way, those Europe-bound Mirai will be lease-only affairs: monthly lease rates will be about 1,200 euros ($1,362) in Germany and as much as 700 pounds ($1,081) in the UK. Not exactly a bargain either way, but neither is fuel over there.

All told, Toyota will make about 700 Mirai vehicles worldwide for 2015 and will up that total to about 2,000 next year and 3,000 in 2017. Europe was delivered its first five Mirai in August. As for the US, the fuel-cell vehicles are set to arrive at eight California Toyota dealerships by the end of the month. The list price is $57,500, though a three-year lease will run customers $499 a month plus a downpayment of about $3,500.

Toyota Mirai will be targeted to Germany, UK

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