Toyota Mirai arrives in Europe

Toyota Mirai arrives in Europe image

And it’s here to stay, so you’d better get used to it.

The Toyota Mirai has been the subject of a lot of debates and after being introduced in the United States, time has come for the vehicle to arrive in Europe, as well. The model in question may not count from the sales figures point of view but it is an extremely important car considering the fact that hydrogen may be the fuel of the future, that is until the problem with the batteries of electric vehicles will be solved at least. The first images of the Toyota Mirai on the Old Continent are showing it in Portbury harbor, in the UK, and it will only be available in three markets, at first, Germany, England and Denmark.

On the German automotive market, the model has a starting price of 66,000 euros, without any taxes included, and it is expected to be sold in 50 to 100 units in the first year. In Japan, the vehicle has received a massive 1,500 orders before the initial launch, which took place this spring and the model is also available for order over-seas, in the United States too. The fuel cell vehicle has a starting price of 57,500 USD, but after the federal and state incentives this will drop to 45,000 USD. It is also available for 499 USD / month, for 36 months, with 3,649 at signing. The Mirai can travel for almost 500 km on a single tank of hydrogen and refilling it will take less than 5 minutes.

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