Toyota Mirai also supported by UK government with funding for 20 units

Toyota Mirai also supported by UK government with funding for 20 units image

The British government has decided to provide 2 million pounds in funding for the increase of hydrogen fueled cars, with their goal being to promote green transportation.

An additional 20 new Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel vehicles will be out and about on the streets of England following the model’s support from the country’s government as part of a £2 million (about $2.4M) investment plan to promote ultra-low emission vehicles. The cars will enter service starting April next year and among the customers we can name the Science Museum, Aberdeen City Council and Arval. The total investment in green vehicles from local authorities will actually reach £600 million by the end of the decade, so we expect even more low-emission vehicles to get support in the meantime.

With the increase of support for fuel cell vehicles also comes the country’s decision to upgrade the national H2 infrastructure network – which is crucial if they want to make hydrogen cars a viable solution. Toyota is also supporting the Mirai by increasing the location count of specialized service centers for the sedan – new additions will be in London, Swindon, Sheffield, Swansea, and Aberdeen. The Mirai has a 152 horsepower (113 kilowatts) and 335 Newton-meters (247 pound-feet) of torque electric motor and its carbon fiber hydrogen tank will have enough fuel for 312 miles (502 kilometers).

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