Toyota Minivan Falls Over After Exiting Montana Carwash

Busting up your car just after you’ve washed it is probably as upsetting and frustrating of an accident as we can imagine.

Not that it would have been less upsetting if the Toyota in question hadn’t been washed, but it would have been less ironic. Now, if we forget about irony and just go with sarcasm, the description of the video says it best: “This is how we wash cars in Montana! It gets the job done better than you can imagine!”

All jokes aside, that Toyota took a pretty hard tumble because of the drop. For the life of us, we can’t understand how the driver went over the edge – was it a case of being unaware of the drop, or mistaking the accelerator for the brake pedal?

Either way, what made the whole incident worse is that the car landed on its roof after busting open a fire hydrant that proceeded to rain water down on the car’s underside, while flooding the exit ramp and getting the nearby road wet.

We hope the driver and anybody else in the car were OK and that the people slowly gathering around the site of the crash didn’t just stand there with their mobile phones in their hands.


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