Toyota & Lexus Reportedly Looking To Expand Hydrogen-Powered Line-Up

Toyota apparently wants to expand its hydrogen-powered line-up.

As the official 2020 Olympics sponsor, the Japanese car manufacturer will launch a string of models that highlight modern mobility, including a taxi and fuel cell cars.

Why? Because zero-emission automobiles are favored at the Olympic Games, where a healthy, active lifestyle is always promoted. Moreover, as competing athletes are usually accompanied by support vehicles at various events – such as the marathon – the air quality must be top notch in order for them to perform optimally.

In fact, Automotive News reports that Best Car – a Japanese car magazine – says that the hydrogen powered automobiles will include variants of the Lexus LS and the Japan-exclusive Toyota Century.

Although a Toyota spokesman refused to confirm the rumor saying that product plans could not be discussed, he continued stating that that “Toyota engineers intend to deploy fuel cell drivetrains beyond the Mirai and the 2020 Olympics mark a “mental and philosophical milestone” [for Toyota].

As the sponsor of the event, the hydrogen powered Toyota automobiles will showcase the car maker’s future goals and products. That said, the future Lexus LS fuel cell will be based on the flagship’s next generation and could debut a couple of years prior to the main event – around 2018.

The V12 Century – which currently remains unchanged since its redesign in 1997 – will allegedly adopt a 5.0-litre, V8 hybrid powertrain in favor of the 1GZ-FE V12 powerplant, and will boost fuel economy by 3 percent.

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