Toyota launches Pixis Joy trio of supercompacts

Toyota launches Pixis Joy trio of supercompacts

Toyota has launched an new supercompact car in its home market called the Pixis Joy. The car falls in to Japan’s kei car class and comes in three variations.

Like all kei cars, the limits on power, displacement and dimensions are very strict. That’s why the engine size is just 660cc, with either 54 or 63 horsepower, depending on whether owner opt for the intercooled turbo option or not. In return, drivers pay far fewer road taxes than non-kei cars, and even have fewer parking restrictions on the crowded streets of congested cities like Tokyo.

While the mechanical bits are the same for all Pixis Joy models, there is a lot to distinguish them visually. The Pixis Joy C is the crossover of the bunch, with protective resin cladding around the perimeter of the underbody and wheel arches, as well as a ride height that’s about 1.1 inches higher than the others.

The Pixis Joy F is described as the most elegant of the bunch, with plenty of brightwork along the front bumper and the rocker panels. The seats are described as having a softer, suede-like material. The Pixis Joy S is the sport model, which has unique front and rear bumpers, red accents throughout the cabin, a MOMO steering wheel, and sportier suspension.

The Pixis Joy is actually built by Toyota subsidiary Daihatsu, which specializes in compacts. While the CVT is the sole transmission for the city car, estimated fuel economy is a whopping 71 miles per gallon on the Japanese driving cycle.

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