Toyota Land Cruiser J40 Excellently Recreated Out Of LEGO

The shape of the Land Cruiser J40 is so familiar in many parts of the world that even when you make it out of LEGO blocks, it’s still instantly recognizable, despite the obvious loss of some detail.

Even so, this build is an homage to the original standard two-door J40, initially built from 1960 – 1984 and then between 1968 – 2001.

Aside from the telltale shape, its creator has also given it the specific details we know and love from the old Land Cruiser: triple wipers, visible air vents in the foot wells, visible running gear and leaf springs.

It is comprised of a total of 1,700 blocks and it’s currently gathering support on the official LEGO site, in the projects section where you can post a design then see if people will want to buy it. If they do, then LEGO will sell it as an official product which is what’s going to happen with this Land Cruiser as it’s already had a fantastic reception.

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