Toyota is testing alternative air-bag inflators to Takata

Toyota is testing alternative air-bag inflators to Takata image

Toyota Motor Corp announced that it is testing at the moment air-bag inflators produced by Autoliv and Nippon Kayaku Co as a possible alternative for the potential lethal parts provided by their supplier and customer satisfaction ruiner, Takata Corp.

A spokeswoman for Japan’s biggest carmaker stated that the company is looking to make sure that the parts are compatible with its vehicles before using them.

Reuters reported last week that Toyota would buy 13 million inflators from Nippon Kayaku to diminish the risk encountered with Takata’s airbags that led to the biggest global car recall in decades. The spokeswoman added that “(Inflators) are not like stationery, which can be simply swapped. We need to test them first and make sure they’re safe.”

A spokesman for Autoliv could not be reached to comment, but the Swedish-American company is a current supplier of auto parts to Honda Motor Co and has yet not let to any recalls for the company. The spokesman for Nippon Kayaku declined to comment on the news.

Toyota is already using inflators produced by Daicel Corp, which proved to be safe so far, but it is looking as many other global carmakers are, to find alternatives to Takata’s air-bag inflators, which have led to eight deaths and more than 100 injuries by exploding with too much force and sending metal debris inside the cabin at high velocity

A number of around 33 million vehicles are at the moment part of a recall involving older Takata air bag inflators, with Tesla and VW being the last Takata customers free of airbag recalls. More than 10 automakers have recalled their cars since 2008 when Takata went into the spotlight solely for the bad consequences produced by its airbags.


By Gabriela Florea


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