Toyota introduces the new Pixis Joy mini car in Japan

Toyota introduces the new Pixis Joy mini car in Japan image

The Pixis lineup has just received an infusion of livelihood through the recent addition of the Joy nameplate, launched by the world’s largest automaker at home in Japan.

Toyota is well aware that its home market needs to be treated properly, which is why they have a full roaster in the key car segment – which is almost exclusive to the Asian market. Looking for further success in the segment, he carmaker has released a new version of the popular Pixis lineup. The new Pixis Joy has added flair thanks to a customized exterior and goes for a more mainstream appeal. The new Pixis Joy eschews the regular boxy treatment of versions such as the Pixis Mega which looked like a shrunken first-generation Scion xB. The tweaks include a more visible front grille, softer headlights, and a more spacious interior, among others.

The Pixis Joy is delivered in three – C, F, and S – trims, each with its bespoke design cues and colors. The C has, for example, 15-inch aluminum wheels and comes with body cladding that “exudes the appeal of a crossover model.” The F is the elegant option, with softer front end and two exclusive hues in pink. The S is of course the sporty version, with aggressive front end, better aerodynamics, and red accents both in and out. All three share the same 660cc engine, and the S uses the turbo version exclusively – optional on the C and F.

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