Toyota introduces Pixis Mega city car in Japan

Toyota introduces Pixis Mega city car in Japan

Toyota has introduced a new city-friendly compact car named Pixis Mega. Like most Pixis-badged members of Toyota’s Japanese lineup, the Mega is essentially a re-badged Daihatsu.

Designed for buyers who live in crowded urban centers, the Pixis Mega boasts a polarizing design characterized by a tall front end, a short hood and a decidedly boxy silhouette. The van rides on tiny alloy wheels, and buyers looking to further stand out can order a two-tone paint job at an extra cost.

The Pixis Mega is equipped with a function-over-form interior designed to maximize the use of space. The instrument cluster is located right in the middle of the dashboard, the front passengers sit on a generously-sized bench and there are numerous storage bins scattered all across the cabin. The trunk is evidently small when four adults are on board, but the rear seats and the front passenger seat can fold down independently when extra space is needed.

The entry-level engine is a naturally-aspirated 0.6-liter three-cylinder unit that makes 51 horsepower and 44 lb-ft. of torque, and a turbocharged version of the three rated at 64 ponies and 67 lb-ft. of twist is available at an extra cost. Both engines send power to the front wheels via a continuously variable transmission (CVT), but the turbocharged mill can be paired with all-wheel drive at an extra cost.

The Toyota Pixis Mega is on sale now across Japan with a base price of ¥1,350,000, a sum that converts to nearly $11,000. It was designed exclusively for Japan, and Toyota is not planning on selling it anywhere else.

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