Toyota HiLux Gets V8 Engine To Celebrate One Million Sales In South Africa

Australia and South Africa share many motoring similarities and a fondness for the Toyota HiLux is just one of them.

Toyota South Africa recently celebrated the sale of its one millionth HiLux, with the delivery of a single-cab diesel to a businessman in the city of Pretoria.

Seems the South Africans like the idea of a performance pickup as much as Aussies; Toyota SA shoehorned a 335kW 5.0 litre V8 into a HiLux to mark the occasion of the one-millionth sale.

SA races V8 HiLuxs in its cross-country series, and the Toyota pickup has won seven manufacturer’s crowns in a row.

Toyota’s creation is street-legal, and is powered by the eight-cylinder engine from the Lexus IS-F which is also used in the race vehicles.

The standard manual transmission and 4WD systems are used, but the HiLux gets a twin-plate AP racing clutch.

Front and rear differentials get revised gear ratios and the suspension has been lowered. Toyota has also added adjustable dampers, a new power steering pump, 18-inch wheels and upgraded brakes.

The whole package cost around AU$100,000 to put together, and has already sparked interest from potential buyers in SA.

But those waiting on Toyota to give the V8 HiLux the green light for production will be disappointed to learn that the V8 ‘Lux is a one-off for motor shows and the like.

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