Toyota has Sold Over 9M Hybrids Worldwide

Toyota has announced that its worldwide hybrid sales have eclipsed the nine-million mark.

The Japanese automaker has sold a total of 9.014-million hybrid vehicles as of April 30, with the latest million-unit milestone achieved in just nine months. Last year, Toyota added a hybrid version of its Sienna minivan and began selling the fourth-generation Toyota Prius. Overseas, the automaker introduced the Corolla and Levin hybrid models in China, while adding a hybrid variant of the RAV4 to its lineup.

As of the end of April 2016, Toyota is selling 33 hybrid passenger car models and a plug-in hybrid model in over 90 countries and regions.

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The company has no intentions of stopping anytime soon either. Toyota is expanding its lineup of hybrid vehicles even further and wants to achieve annual sales of 1.5-million units with cumulative sales hitting the 15-million mark by 2020.

By the company’s calculations, its hybrid vehicles have resulted in 67-million fewer tons of CO2 emissions compared to conventional vehicles.

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