Toyota GT86 Initial D Concept Brings Manga Action to the Real World

Toyota GT86 Initial D

Spiritually proceeding the GT86 in both style and name, the Toyota AE86 Corolla was loved by enthusiasts everywhere, which came thanks, in part, to a big boost by the manga comic Initial D, created by Suichi Shigeno. Toyota recognizes those roots, and unveiled a special GT86 Initial D concept car to honor the occasion.

The AE86 Corolla first appeared in the Initial D comic as driven by lead character Takumi Fujiwara. He drove the car for his father’s tofu shop, refining his drifting skills in the process. The comic was so popular, in fact, that it was later transformed into both animated television shows and a film.

Toyota GT86 Initial D Sketch

You might expect this type of concept to come out of Japan, but it’s actually the work of Toyota UK. It features the same livery as Takumi’s “panda” 86 with a white and black color scheme, and some performance upgrades.

There are RS Watanabe alloy wheels, a TRD suspension, Fujitsubo exhaust, a Cusco strut brace, and a carbon fiber hood. It also boasts yellow fog lights, a silver-painted engine cover with sports carbon door handles, mirror covers, and no rear spoiler. It even says Fujiwara Tofu Shop on the door. Expect to see it at sporting events in Britain this summer.

Toyota GT86 Initial D Sketch 2

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