Toyota GT 86 facelift to have engine and suspension tweaks

 Toyota GT 86 Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada has revealed some new details about the facelifted model that is currently under development.

In an interview with Motoring, Tada said the updates will cover “everything” including the body, engine and suspension.  Tada went on to reveal the company will offer a new variant with a carbon fiber roof.

While Tada mentioned engine tweaks, he once again downplayed the possibility of a turbocharged variant.  As he explained, “The WRX turbo is not a good solution for future fuel consumption and CO2 [emissions].”  He also stated turbocharged engines don’t sound or rev right for a sports car.  Despite this, he seemed open to the possibility of using an e-turbo engine in the future.

Unfortunately, the updates could come at a cost as the facelifted model is expected to be more expensive than its predecessor.  However, this isn’t too surprising as the company is reportedly a new entry-level sports car which previewed by the S-FR concept.

Source: Motoring

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