Toyota Goes Retro With Pixis Joy Kei Cars In Japan [50 Pics]

If you want a small retro hatchback in North America, your choices essentially come down to the Mini, Fiat 500 or VW Beetle. But back in Japan there are more on offer, like the new Toyota Pixis Joy.

Toyota’s latest Kei car, the Pixis Joy takes aim squarely at the Honda N-One with its fashion-forward styling and compact form.

It comes in three different forms, each distinguished by its alternative take on the same cutesy design theme: the Pixis Joy C with a rugged appearance and taller ride height, the Pixis Joy F that takes a more elegant approach, and the Pixis Joy S with a sportier appearance. Each gets its own bumpers, rocker panels, wheels and more to carry the theme forward.

Regardless of chosen trim, the Pixis Joy is powered by a 660cc engine driving the front wheels through a continuously variable transmission. A turbocharged version is offered on the C and F versions and comes standard on the sporty S model, with all-wheel drive offered across the range as an option.

The Joy models join others in the Pixis range, including the Pixis Space wagon, Pixis Mega minivan, Pixis Van, Pixis Truck, and Pixis Epoch hatchback – all of them manufactured by Daihatsu, which Toyota recently acquired specifically on the strength of its small-car expertise.

They’ll be sold through an array of 211 dealers across Japan, with prices ranging from 1,220,400 to 1,620,000 yen – or about $12-16k at current exchange rates.

Toyota Pixis Joy C

Toyota Pixis Joy F

Toyota Pixis Joy S

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