Toyota Gives the Scion FR-S More Power and a New Name


The Scion FR-S, or should we say, new Toyota 86, is getting some serious changes for 2017. And some new power too. With the sending off of scion, the former FR-S will now don a Toyota badge, and the American-market 86 is born. So what’s new?

Other than the badge, the most obvious new exterior fitment comes in the form of a revised front grille that makes the 86 slightly more aggressive than the FR-S it’s replacing. New LED headlights, too. Wheels get a little sharper, as do the taillights, and the whole package just looks like a more upscale version of what it once was.


The interior also gets a healthy upgrade. New “Grandlux” material—basically a mix of leather and Alcantara—coats the inside of the car. The steering wheel is tweaked just slightly, and the Scion logo has been replaced with the iconic 86, obviously.

But it’s under the hood where it really counts, if only just slightly. The power has been increased from 200 to…wait for it…205! Ok, it’s not much of an upgrade, but at least it’s something. Suspension has also been tweaked to make for “easier control and increased agility.” Sounds good to us.


Look for the new Toyota 86 in dealerships towards the end of the year with a starting price of around $27,000.

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