Toyota Fuel Cell Buses On The Road From Next Year

Toyota has confirmed it will commence sales of fuel cell buses in Japan from early next year.

The Toyota FC bus is a development of buses already created by sister company Hino and the Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS) was first seen in the Mirai fuel cell vehicle.

In an interesting twist, the Toyota Fuel Cell Bus can be used as an electricity supplier as it has a high capacity external power supply system.

As well as the buses and forklifts, Toyota is developing hydrogen stationary fuel cells for home power generation.

Substantial testing of the buses has already been undertaken under the auspices of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Bureau of Transportation and the next step is for two Toyota FC buses to commence duty as fixed-route buses.

By the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo – already shaping as a showcase of Japanese technology, urban planning and organisation – Toyota plans to have more than 100 fuel cell buses on the streets.

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