Toyota FT-1 Concept Virtually Toned Down To Look Like A Production Supra

I’m sure you haven’t forgotten about Toyota’s striking FT-1 Concept unveiled at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. A year and a half has passed since then and we still haven’t got a new Toyota Supra.

It would be such a waste if Toyota didn’t use the FT-1 Concept’s styling on a new production model, and the upcoming Supra is obviously the prime candidate. However accomplished the study’s design may be, it will likely lose some of its shine as it makes the transition to a production model.

That’s exactly what Photoshop manipulator Theophilus Chin anticipates with this rendering, which is essentially a (significantly) toned down version of the FT-1 Concept.

Gone are the F1-style nose and front splitter, as well as the sleek lateral mirrors. The changes don’t make it an ugly car, it’s just that I’d prefer the Supra to keep as many elements from the FT-1 Concept as possible. Wouldn’t you?

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