Toyota exec resigns following narcotics arrest

Toyota exec resigns following narcotics arrest

Following an arrest in Japan for allegedly importing undeclared narcotics, Toyota executive Julie Hamp has resigned from her position as head of corporate communications.

A US national, Hamp is said to have been the first woman invited into the Japanese automaker’s upper executive ranks when she was promoted in April. She was also one of the most senior Westerner executives.

The company accepted her resignation “after considering the concerns and inconvenience that recent events have caused our stakeholders,” according to a statement published by CNN.

Authorities reportedly accused Hamp of concealing oxycodone pills in a shipment labeled “necklaces,” allegedly attempting to conceal the individual pills among pieces of jewelry.

Toyota suggests it intends to “learn from this incident” as it continues to achieve its global ambitions. Japan’s narcotics regulations are viewed as relatively strict compared to many other countries, requiring expats to follow specific guidelines when attempting to import certain medications even if they have a prescription in their home country.

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