Toyota exec Julie Hamp nabbed on narcotics violation in Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Tokyo headquarters

Tokyo police have arrested Julie Hamp,55, Toyota Motor Corp’s Managing Officer and Chief Communications Officer on suspicion of entering the country with the painkiller Oxycodone. While the drug is legal by prescription in the US, it is illegal in Japan. but legal in the US with a prescription, according to Tokyo’s metropolitan police.

Ms Hamp, has contended that she was unaware that she was in violation of the law there, and had no intention of doing so. Her arrest, however, came after a package containing 57 tablets of the narcotic arrived for her at Narita Airport on June 11th. In the meantime, police have declined to comment any further pending investigation, other than to state that they did not know if she had a prescription or not.

Ms Hamp was hired byToyota just 3 months ago, after joining the company in 2012. Prior to that she spent nearly 20 years working for General Motors, and before that as chief communications officer at PepsiCo. Although a citizen of the US, Hamp has relocated to Japan, where she is considered to be a major asset for the “womenomics” campaign launched by the country’s prime minister Shinzo Abe, to “promote more women to senior management roles at Japanese companies.” Unfortunately things have not gone as well as he had hoped, not only because of Hamp’s arrest, but also because two female ministers he had appointed ended up having to resign as a result of political funding scandals.

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