Toyota delivering user interface concept to CES

Toyota delivering user interface concept to CES image

The Japanese company is one of the head list automakers partaking in the Consumer Electronics Show in early January in Las Vegas, presenting a new concept as well as its newest connected technologies.

Toyota has started teasing the apparition of a new concept vehicle designed around the user experience (UX) inside its high-tech cabin, set to premiere at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show – where it’s also introducing its new framework for developing connected vehicle and telematics systems. Since it’s just a tease, the company has remained mysterious in terms of details – there isn’t even a teaser image. The announcement states that its new concept “highlights the critical importance of UX in the development of highly automated vehicles and robots.”

While it’s anyone’s guess, the concept might be an elaboration of what we already saw in the Lexus UX crossover concept from the Paris Motor Show. The model had a high-tech interior with emphasis on a new type of three-dimensional human machine interface. Toyota has also been keen on embracing the world of autonomous cars, as well as entering a new partnership with Mazda to develop connected technologies. The cooperation will allow the two Japanese companies to hasten the development of new mobility technologies and make up for the lost time compared to their main competitors, seemingly more advanced in these new segments.

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