Toyota Corolla snatches the best-sale title over the half-century period

Toyota Corolla snatches the best-sale title over the half-century period image

Over the past 50 years, no less than 44 million Toyota Corolla units have been sold all around the world – which is more than any other nameplate has achieved.

Of course, Toyota’s naming consistency has also helped – and now the Japanese company is serving us more than one anniversary and milestone. The immortal Corolla is the world’s most popular car over the past 50 years, the brand’s best selling model and also turning half a century. Yes, since back in the 1960s when it was conceived, it has been sold in 44 million examples worldwide. At its origin, the model was a no-frills people’s car and in three years it became the top seller in its home market, and quickly launched overseas to international acclaim and success. Exports to North America started in 1968 and the first million milestone was achieved in 1970.

Now currently in its eleventh generation, the car has been the world’s best selling model on a number of occasions – fighting for the title with Ford’s Focus in recent years – and at the moment the company has different versions for the North American and European regions. Another best-selling throughout history – the VW Beetle – has been the source of numerous tales throughout its 65-year history, among them the idea that a 1936 body could be mounted with minimal distress to a 2003 rebirth chassis…

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