Toyota Corolla Refuses To Die Despite Suffering Multiple Wounds

Toyota remains the world’s best-selling automaker and for a good reason, as most of the models made by the Japanese are well known for their reliability.

Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, who is currently filming a new car show for Amazon with his two co-hosts, James May and Richard Hammond, was the man responsible for making an old Hilux famous, after trying, more or less, to end its misery.

The car depicted in this video isn’t, however, a rugged pickup truck made decades ago, but rather a much more modern Corolla. Spotted on the roads of Pakistan by a baffled bystander, who decided to immortalize it and share it with web surfers, the vehicle seems to have been crashed sideways into a pole or a tree.

Its current condition, which is beyond description, would require a proper funeral under the crusher. Yet its driver seems to have different plans for taking it out to the streets. Could it be that he had somewhere to be in a rush? Or was he just chasing Pokemons? Whatever the case may be, Clarkson and Co would have been proud.


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