Toyota Corolla celebrates 50 years

Happy birthday, Toyota Corolla! The world’s best-selling car is celebrating 50 years and this is awesome. All started in 1966 when Toyota launched for the first time in Japan the Corolla. It was designed as a people’s car and features a roomy interior, individual front bucket seats and a floor-mounted gear lever.

A year after that, Toyota launched the Corolla in Europe, and in 1968 the Japanese model was also available in USA. Only two years after its launch, the Corolla’s annual production more than doubled to 1.1 million units, all assembled in a new purpose-built factory in Takaoka.

Toyota Corolla celebrates 50 years

With the seventh generation, Corolla started to be built in Europe in a Turkey factory. Not, Corolla has reached to the eleventh generation and it was sold in more than 44 million units. According to a recent report, in 2015, each day, 3.672 Corollas were sold. And this is amazing.

Happy birthday, Corolla! Happy birthday, dear model!

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