Toyota Confirms Next-Gen 86 Is Still in the Pipeline

Toyota will have at least one sports car in its lineup for the foreseeable future.

Although the company has yet to confirm it, there’s little reason to doubt the Supra successor is coming. But what about something more affordable? Well, Toyota has confirmed a next-generation 86 model is in the works and it will arrive sometime in 2018 or 2019. According to Toyota Europe boss Karl Schlicht, the GT86 (as it’s called in Europe) will carry on, adding that the “car serves a big purpose” and Toyota has no intentions of getting out of the sports car market, according to AutoCar.

Toyota, however, didn’t confirm whether it will be a collaboration with Subaru again, which markets the car as the BRZ. “Will it be with Subaru? I don’t know,” Schlicht added. “But for the concept to carry on, with the low engine, we’d have to do that. There are a lot of reasons to continue with Subaru.”

As for a soft-top convertible of the current model, Schlicht confirmed it’s unlikely. It’s been several years since Toyota first showed off the 86 convertible concept and little has been heard about the model since, except for rumors.

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