Toyota complains over stricter emissions rules in China

Toyota complains over stricter emissions rules in China image

Toyota said that its sales targets would be just a little bit harder to hit, as China’s emission and fuel economy rules are now more stringent.

In its efforts to reduce the high-pollution levels within the country, the Chinese government have lately tightened the regulatory laws on emission and fuel economy limits, which were very lax until recently. However, even if they are still far behind the European standards, Toyota is not happy with this current trend. “It’s becoming difficult to meet China’s more and more stringent emissions and fuel economy regulations,” Hiroji Onishi, head of Toyota’s China operations, told reporters at the Beijing Motor Show. “In order to meet those regulations, we have determined that we need to sell a considerable number of smaller cars and hybrid and other special cars.”

The Japanese automaker has initially set a goal of selling 2 million vehicles a year in the country by around 2025. Toyota has had a solid performance so far in China, as it reported a 40.6 percent jump in sales last month on the world’s largest auto market, to 100,500 vehicles.

Toyota now plans to heavily expand its electrified cars line-up in China starting with 2018 and to localize the development and production of hybrid SUVs. The company’s main complain in this direction so far is that the government does not offer much subsidies for hybrid technologies, which have become the best-selling point for Toyota in many other major markets.

Via Reuters

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