Toyota Chief Designer Wants Supra Name To Return On New Sports Car

When replacing an iconic sports car with a new model, the debate always rages about whether the car should adopt a new name or revive its predecessors badge at the risk of failing to live up to expectations.

In the world of Japanese sports cars, few names are as iconic as the Toyota Supra. Created in the glory days of the country’s fascination with driver-focused cars, the Supra is still held in the highest regard, despite production ceasing 14 years ago.

Thankfully, a successor is just around the corner and it seems increasingly likely it’ll adopt the fabled Supra name.

Ever since Toyota re-trademarked the name, it has seemed probable we would see it revived and now thanks to Toyota’s global chief designer, Tetsuya Tada, we’re confident it’s happening.

While speaking with Car Advice, Tada said “I love the Supra and I love the Supra name. It’s historically important to Toyota. We’re pushing for the name Supra for the new car we are developing with BMW.”

While that’s not quite confirmation, it’s about as close as you can get from a company executive these days.

As the new Supra is still over a year away, powertrain details about it remain murky. According to recent reports, it’ll be driven by a brand new twin-turbocharged V6 engine developed by Lexus. Other rumors claim power will come from a BMW-developed drivetrain including some form of hybridization.

Whatever the case may be, expect to see some serious performance gains over the last Supra.

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