Toyota Camatte Hajime Unveiled For Tokyo Toy Show

Proving that we’re all big kids at heart, Toyota has unveiled its latest concept for the annual Tokyo Toy Show.

Called the Camatte Hajime, the new toy follows the Camatte57s and 57s Sport from the same show in 2013, and is the newest member of Toyota’s Camatte concept range.

Like Toyota’s other toy concepts, children can ‘drive’ the Hajime (with adult supervision).

The driver’s seat and pedals are adjustable to suit children of different sizes (read: ages), and the car has three seats with the driver seated centrally at the front and passengers seated one either side at the rear.

The Hajime measures three metres long, 1.2m tall, 1.3m wide and has a wheelbase of 1.8m, with styling that is unmistakably akin to general purpose army vehicles (‘Jeeps’, some might say…).

Like the 57s, the Hamjime features swappable body panels, and power comes from an electric motor.

The carmaker hasn’t released performance figures, but we’re guessing ‘modest’ sums it up.

Toyota’s other Camatte concepts for the Tokyo Toy Show include the Daichi, Sora and Takumi.

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