Toyota Camatte Hajime Debuting at Tokyo Toy Show


Toyota is bringing a neat concept to this year’s Tokyo Toy Show.

If you’re unfamiliar with Camatte, the Hajime is actually Toyota’s sixth Camatte vehicle following the Sora, Daichi, Takuma, 57s and 57s Sports that debuted at previous Tokyo Toy Shows. According to Toyota, Hajime means “beginning” in Japanese and signifies that the fun has just begun with the Camatte concept.

The Camatte is all about customization and fun, boasting swappable exterior panels and adjustable pedals and seats that will allow kids to get in with their parents close behind in the two rear seats.

Toyota also introduced Camatte Vision, the aim of which is to allow kids and their parents to share the child-like wonder and excitement of cars and trucks. By using an augmented reality tablet app, users will be able to see themselves in a “virtually limitless combination of vehicle types and colors.” In total there will be 13 body types and 12 colors to mix and match from ranging from a hot pink hot dog truck to a purple fire truck.

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