Toyota C-HR teased ahead of American introduction at LA Auto Show

Toyota C-HR teased ahead of American introduction at LA Auto Show image

Toyota’s new C-HR subcompact crossover is already here in production series form because it was given a proper official introducing in front of the worldwide audience at the Geneva Motor Show.

So we’re a little baffled by the Japanese company’s decision to deliver a teaser for the American-spec model that doesn’t show the entire car. Never mind these unanswered, rhetorical questions, because the mystery will be settled later this month at the Los Angeles Auto Show where it will be exhibited by Toyota USA. The styling is “stunning” – according to the company – but we can just call it quirky enough to go head to head with the Nissan Juke in any market. Anyways, we have a big bunch the European and US versions will be pretty much identical both in and out.

The Toyota C-HR would have been sold as a Scion in the United States if the latter hadn’t been retired earlier this year, and the crossover uses the firm’s new TNGA platform and will most likely arrive with a naturally-aspirated 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine linked to a continuously variable transmission. A very interesting hybrid is also available in certain markets, but it’s still unknown if the US-spec model will also have this frugal powertrain.

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