Toyota C-HR stays sharp from prototype to production*~hmac=8e5468cad93393d6e3cddfeaac69e01b356ab9641f052db14a383c1340df9d57

Scion is dead. While the troubled brand was given 13 years to make a case for itself, it never quite succeeded. And that’s a shame, because we’re pretty confident that this, the production-spec Toyota C-HR would have been one of its biggest hits. Instead, when it arrives in the US, it will be as a Toyota… where it will still likely be a big hit.

The new small CUV made its debut after literally years of teasing concepts, the most recent of which was shown late last year in Los Angeles, where it was badged as a Scion. After seeing that car, it’s quite clear that Toyota has strained itself to translate its style to the real world. Up front, there’s clear inspiration from the Toyota Auris/Scion iM. But aside from the front, the C-HR’s biggest inspiration appears to be the Nissan Juke.

Toyota C-HR

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