Toyota blames connector for Le Mans loss

Toyota blames connector for Le Mans loss

Proving that the devil is in the details, Toyota revealed this week that a failed connector was the reason behind its shocking loss at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Toyota’s No. 5 TS050 prototype Le Mans race car was a technological tour de force, combining a 2.4L gas engine with a high-tech hybrid drive system. However, it wasn’t a major drivetrain component that caused the No. 5 car to stall out with just 5 minutes to go, but rather a hose connector.

According to Toyota, the TS050 prototype “suffered a technical defect on a connector on the air line between the turbo charger and the intercooler, causing a loss of turbo charger control.” As a result, the then first-place car slowed to a stop, allowing Porsche to sneak by for the win.

Toyota eventually resolved the problem and the No. 5 car was able to complete the final lap under its own power, but it was disqualified as it took longer than the required six-minutes.

Despite pinpointing the problem, Toyota still hasn’t gotten to the bottom of what caused the connector to fail. The company says it will continue to investigate the matter.

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