Toyota Announces New Connected Car and Telematics Initiatives

Toyota has announced two new initiatives in the world of automotive technology.

First, Toyota will begin installing a data communication module (DCM) into a “broader range” of 2017 model year vehicles for the U.S. market. Having the DCM will expand Toyota’s ability to transfer and share data with your vehicle for a variety of products and services, using cellular telecommunications networks.

The first benefit, an emergency notification system that alerts the authorities when the airbags are deployed, will be standard on every vehicles with a DCM. Toyota also announced a collaboration with UIEvolution, to help integrate the driver’s smartphone with vehicle data. UIEvolution will be able to develop apps that supply your vehicle data to a third party via a secure network, which should mean that apps can tailor themselves to your needs based on your vehicle’s data.

In order to support this large expansion of vehicle data coming in, the Toyota Big Data Center (TBDC) has been created to process all DCM information and use it to “deploy high-level information and privacy controls.”

Second, Toyota announced that it is joining into an agreement with Ford and Livio to “establish an industry development and operation framework to deploy Livio’s SmartDeviceLink (SDL).” SDL is an open source platform that allows smartphone apps to be used through voice recognition and on a vehicle’s touchscreen. Besides joining in the collaboration, which is open to the whole industry, the Japanese company also says that it will also offer its owner telematics system that will use SDL.

If more companies use SDL, it will allow app makers to reach a wider audience in a shorter time as their software would be compatible across a wide range of vehicles.

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