Toyota And Nissan Taking No Chances With Expanded Takata Airbag Recall

Toyota has adopted a ‘take no chances’ approach to the ongoing Takata airbag saga by electing to dramatically alter the program.

A further 1.6 million vehicles will be recalled in Japan alone, despite all of them having already participated in a previous recall.

Parts supplier Takata was recently fined US$70 million in the US for ignoring evidence that metal fragments from its airbag inflators could cause serious injury or death when airbags were deployed.

Toyota had previously adopted an ‘air leak’ test to determine if inflators were faulty, replacing only those that were found to leak.

But a similar approach from fellow Japanese carmaker Nissan failed to snuff out the problem in an X-Trail SUV, and the X-Trail’s passenger was injured as the airbag deployed during a collision.

Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail

As a result of this incident, industry paper Automotive News reports that Toyota is recalling its Takata airbag-equipped vehicles again.

Nissan has also reacted to the incident by announcing 310,000 of its vehicles will be recalled for a second time.

For owners of the offending vehicles, less than six months has passed since most were attended to by Toyota and Nissan technicians and deemed safe under the previous testing program.

Toyota, Nissan and several other carmakers have been forced to recall cars in Australia fitted with Takata airbags, but whether the latest developement causes a second local recall for those customers or not is unclear.

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