Toyota 86 Shooting Brake concept torments hot-hatch fans

Toyota 86 Shooting Brake concept

Australian division builds pocket wagon based on Scion FR-S twin

Scion may be dead, but its spirit lives on in the Toyota 86, which we’ll be getting in August of this year. A few days ago, Toyota of Australia revealed the 86 Shooting Brake concept, since shooting brakes are all the rage this season.

The automaker’s Australian division built this concept as a fully functioning prototype and kept it stock aside from the roof, rear greenhouse, hatch and quarter panels. The design team gave it a thick D-pillar and a rakish roofline, one that flows into a clamshell rear hatch with a very modest backlight … so modest we’d probably demand a Cadillac-style rearview mirror screen if this shooting brake were to make it into production.

Toyota 86 Shooting Brake concept

Speaking of production chances, Toyota is greatly downplaying the odds of this shooting brake making it to the assembly line despite its obvious utility, appeal and potential to challenge hatch segment stalwarts. But it is not ruling it out completely.

This isn’t the first time the 86 platform has been turned into something wagon-like. In 2013, Subaru showed off the Cross Sport Design Concept at the Tokyo motor show, albeit with the usual Subaru softroader looks. Both concepts seem to be dancing around the obvious; this model is perfect as a hatch and should have been offered as such years ago when the FR-S and the BRZ debuted.

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