TOM’S Racing reveals custom body kit… for a Toyota Prius

The new Toyota Prius has been subjected to street-racing modification from Japanese tuners TOM’S Racing.

The sensible new Toyota Prius is perhaps the last car you’d expect to get an aggressive bodykit, but that hasn’t stopped TOM’S Racing from developing one for it. The bodykit adds menace to the new Prius, which already features the most rakish design yet for the hybrid car – with bold slashes and cuts all over.

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The bodykits comprise new bumpers front and rear, with a matte black rear splitter on both. Quad exhaust pipes come in two designs – with one finished in a fetching blue colour, matching the Toyota badge – while lower side skirts complete the look. The car also features massive alloy wheels.


TOM’S Racing has developed additions to previous generations of Prius, but these are the first for the new model. TOM’S Racing customers are able to modify the previous-generation Prius with a new exhaust system, specialist brake pads, upgraded suspension as well as additional bodywork, so we may yet see deeper modifications for the new model.

The new Toyota Prius launched in Japan today, and we’re expecting it to hit the UK around March 2016. 

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