Tokyo preview: Toyota FCV Plus concept

Tokyo preview: Toyota FCV Plus concept

Toyota has previewed a futuristic hydrogen-powered concept, the FCV Plus, that will make its global debut at the Tokyo Motor Show alongside the S-FR and Kikai.

The FCV Plus is said to reflect Toyota’s vision for a future in which hydrogen energy has been widely embraced. In such a world, fuel-cell vehicles would be used as local power sources within communities.

The futuristic car can run itself on hydrogen stored on-board in an integrated tank, consistent with today’s FCVs, or it can serve as a generation station that is directly fed from hydrogen stored outside the vehicle.

“When the car is not being used as a means of transport, it shares its power generation capabilities with communities as part of the local infrastructure,” the automaker notes.

When used for transportation, the concept is said to feature a ‘spacious’ cabin despite a compact size overall — measuring 12.5 feet long and under six feet wide. Independent motors are directly connected to each wheel, while the fuel-cell stack is tucked centrally at the front and the hydrogen tank sits between the rear wheels.

The company has not signaled any intention to bring the FCV Plus to market.

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