Thousands of vehicles burnt in Chinese city of Tianjin

The blast killed at least 50 and injured at least 700.

Two blasts tore through killing more than 50 and injuring at least an additional 700 in an industrial area containing thousands of vehicles in the Chinese port city of Tianjin, state media reported Thursday.

The fire, which occurred on Wednesday, started in an area where toxic chemicals and gas were stored. The cause of the blaze is still being investigated. Current reports are not exact on the amount of vehicles lost in the fire, but it is clear that the damage was extensive. 4,000 Hyundai-Kia, 1,500 Renault, 2,750 Volkswagen and a number of Toyota vehicles were lost in the fire.

“At this time, we have already begun evaluating the state of our vehicles in all storage facilities at the Port of Tianjin,” Volkswagen said in the statement. “Under no circumstances will any cars damaged in this terrible accident make it to market.”

Citing the average price of a new car in China, at least 189,750,000 dollars worth of product was potentially lost. In the photo, several different types of vehicles can be made out by the shape of their scorched shells but several Volkswagen Beetles can be seen partially intact.

The city of Tianjin, China has a population of 13 million and several auto dealerships that won’t be receiving a new inventory of stock.

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