This Toyota Supra Has More Power than a Bugatti Veyron


The Bugatti Veyron is no slouch. In ultimate trim, it muscles up 1,200 horsepower and has earned itself the official title of world’s fastest road car. But amazingly, this 1995 Toyota has more power than that quad-turbocharged brute from France. Frankly, a lot more.

In fact, it has even more than the current top dog of supercars – the 1,341 horsepower Koenigsegg One:1… by one digit. Yes, you counted right. This turbocharged 1995 Toyota Supra summons a colossal 1,342 horsepower, and best of all it’s completely road legal. Did we mention it’s also on eBay? Though be warned, it’s a monster.


The last generation Supra was a pretty quick car to start with. As standard, buyers could spec a Supra with the potent 220 horsepower 2JZ straight-six engine, or go for broke and opt for its legendary twin-turbocharged variant. It brought 320 horsepower to the table and 315 lb-ft of torque. But according to the seller, the previous owner thought it could do more.

They set about meticulously building up every bit of the car… until they ran out of money. The current owner then bought it and finished the job. And what a job they did. Under the hood, the Supra now sports new heads, a new block, high performance fuel injectors, fuel pump, turbo, intercooler, pistons, crank and camshafts, as well as a slew of other upgrades. Add it together and it runs 40 pounds of boost (!) and produces 1,342 horsepower and 871 lb-ft of torque. It even topped 1,387 hp during a stunning dyno pull, which you can see below.

The rest of the car has seen extensive work as well. Inside, the Supra packs in a roll cage, Sparco seats, racing harnesses, and a smattering of race gauges. Underneath, you’ll find an HKS coilover suspension and all that power routed to the rear TRD limited-slip differential through a carbon fiber driveshaft. There’s plenty more carbon fiber too – in the hood, splitter, and rear wing.

Compared to the likes of the Bugatti and the Koenigsegg, the Supra may not look like a world-beating supercar from afar, but it sure can hang right with them.

Photos via Drag International


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