This Toyota GT 86 Wants to be An Aston Martin So Bad

Toyota GT86 Aston

We all have heroes; people that we look up to and aspire to one day be. For this Toyota GT 86, apparently, it wanted to grow up and become an Aston Martin. And thanks to one tuning shop, it did.

Japanese shop DAMD transformed the already pretty GT 86 into something of an Aston Martin Frankenstein’s Monster. Aside from the grille, the car features a subtly revised rear bumper, front bumper, new wheels, a new rear diffuser, and an interior that doesn’t skimp on leather. It doesn’t look all that bad truly.

Toyota GT86 Aston 2

But back to the grille—it’s about as Aston Martin as one could get. And if that doesn’t convince you, DAMD was sure to add a badge to the back that will truly solidify this 86’s British dreams; “86 Vantage.” Yup.

So what does it cost to turn your GT 86 into a wanna be Aston Martin? How’s about dishing out a very specific $4,063. That includes everything mentioned above (except the car), and a trunk spoiler, turn signal mirrors, “premium seat covers,” whatever that means, and a new instrument cluster.

Toyota GT86 Aston 3

It’s definitely weird, but we’re sure there won’t be a lack of interested customers.

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