This Lexus RX Is In For A VERY Unpleasant Encounter With A Duster

As you well know, there are certain types of car accidents that really do go from bad to worse in a blink of an eye.

Such is the case here, where the driver of this Lexus RX went from barely squeezing past a parked car and another SUV to ending up on his side after the driver of a Renault Duster decided to suddenly turn left just as the two cars were side by side.

Even if you’re not speeding, it doesn’t take much to roll over – just the right (or is it wrong?) angle and a certain amount of lift.

The driver of the Duster caused the accident, no doubt about that. However, had the driver of the RX been a little bit more careful, relying less on chance and on the assumption that everyone else on the road is constantly aware (as they should be) of their surroundings, the entire incident could have been avoided.

The moral of this story? Never take anything for granted and never assume you’re perfectly safe no matter your vehicle, speed or location.


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