This Jon Sibal-Desinged Lexus LC Will Materialize At SEMA

Usually, no matter how cool they are, renderings don’t materialize into real-life projects. But this one is different.

Jonsibal is one of the most well known CGI artists out there, virtually manipulating various car shapes in order to create interesting designs. He’s not your typical automotive illustrator, as many of his visions formed in the virtual realm were transpired into the real world.

His latest creation, made in collaboration with tuner Gordon Ting & Lexus Tuned, is this impressive Lexus LC500. The Japanese grand tourer is an well looking thing to begin with, but it becomes a JDM machine once it’s fitted with a Nippon-inspired, carbon-fiber aerodynamic body kit that can be easily crafted by any tuner specialized in the composite material.

Composed of a front splitter, rear diffuser, side skirts and rear wing, the package will be presented at this fall’s SEMA Show. Its style doesn’t significantly alter the LC 500’s factory looks, but it makes it appear sportier.

Since it’s so low to the ground, we can only imagine it fitted with an air suspension system, and, hopefully, the 5.0-litre 2UR-GSE V8 won’t be left with its stock 467 hp power figure.

H/T to Lexus Enthusiast; Renderings courtesy of Jon Sibal

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