This is the Toyota GT 86 You Want, But Can’t Have

Toyota GT 86 Aero

Supra, Celica, MR2; three of the most iconic Toyota sportscars ever built. Today, we have the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ (known abroad as the GT 86). And while both of those cars revive that long lost Toyota performance segment, there is one thing on the car that’s just…missing.

This might be that missing piece. It’s called the Yellow Limited package and Yellow Limited Aero Package (that’s the one with the wing), and it’s exclusively for the Japanese GT 86. Sorry, everyone else. It features that big ol’ wing, a new fascia, some aggressive wheels, and even a slightly revamped interior.

PHOTOS: The New Toyota GT 86 Yellow Limited Aero Package is Wonderfully Nostalgic

Toyota GT 86 Aero 2

From the looks of it, it should flood you with nostalgic memories of the Supra and Celica with that aggressive body kit and over-the-top wing. And despite getting some other perfomrance mods, you’re still stuck with the stock 200-horsepower output.

Opt for the Aero Package FT, and steering “highlights the sporty feeling,” and the new BBS 18-inch forged wheels are wrapped inn high-performance Potenza S001 tires. You also get better brakes and better shocks, to further play up on the whole “sporty” experience.

Toyota GT 86 Aero 3

Want one? Move to Japan, and have ¥3,397,200 ($27,518) ready for a manual, or ¥3,497,674 ($28,188) for an automatic.

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