This is the new Toyota GT86. Sort of

Internet, we have news of a ‘significantly upgraded’ GT86. It’s Japan only for now, but Toyota tells us Europe and the UK will see a revised GT86 later this year, and that the details are still being fine-tuned. So the specs may change, but probably not by much…

So, on to the car. The most obvious change is the new nose, which Toyota claims improves the coupe’s aerodynamic performance. It also makes it look a bit more like the Subaru BRZ, but oddly enough, Toyota doesn’t mention that in the press release. Inside there’s a new instrument cluster incorporating a 4.2in TFT, and the smallest diameter steering wheel Toyota has ever made (a fact of which it sounds quite proud).

Under the bonnet, there’s a token 7bhp power gain (up to 204) for the manual, and low-end torque is said to be up thanks to revised intake and exhaust systems. Toyota also claims better handing thanks to “reworked shock absorber valve structures”. Right.

We’ll see how much of this is true of the UK spec car later this year. Excited?

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