This is the Lexus UX concept

Lexus currently makes two SUVs – the NX and RX. Could a third be on the cards? No idea, but if this new concept is anything to go by, perhaps.

It’s called the UX concept, and will make a big spangly debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show on 29 September, where we shall be able to furnish you with much more information than we currently have.

Said information stands at a few lines released by Lexus: that it was created at Lexus’ European design centre, is geared towards a “progressive, urban audience living in a connected environment”, and will showcase not just lots of new driver tech, but also “traditional” craftsmanship.

It certainly looks like a striking thing, and Lexus of course has top form in motor show concepts. Drivetrains, performance figures, production possibilities… we’ll find out in due course. In the meantime, get talking about it below.

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