This Is How Felix Baumgartner Entertains Himself When Not Jumping From The Stratosphere

In terms of an adrenaline rush, it’s hard to top a parachute jump from the stratosphere. But skydiver Felix Baumgartner is doing his best to find new ways of entertaining himself – and us spectators in the process.

His latest stunt involves a helicopter piloted by himself and a 1,000hp Toyota GT 86 drift car driven by Polish drifting ace Jakub Przygoński.

Baumgartner loves to fly helicopters, so he obviously jumped at the opportunity to chase the GT 86 on an airstrip with a Bolkov BO105 aerobatic helicopter.

Filmed in Poland during the recent Red Bull Heli Drifting performance, the spectacular video shows Baumgartner getting dangerously close to the drifting car while trying to mimic its movements. I’m pretty sure you’ll be satisfied with the Austrian’s helicopter piloting skills.


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