This 2016 Lexus LX570 With A Chopped Roof Is Listed For $350,000!

A brand-new Lexus LX570 with no roof has showed up for sale in the Middle East asking for a really serious amount of money.

History has taught us that chopping the top off an SUV is an exercise that really hasn’t worked for any car, with the only exemptions to the rule being the Jeep Wrangler and other similarly-minded vintage off-roaders.

The roofless Lexus LX570 we have here is a MY2016 with zero miles on it with a list price of 1.3 million AED, which roughly translates into $350,000, according to CarBuzz, which found it at UAE Sale. Now, that’s a lot of cash for something that looks like it’s been attacked by an angry T-Rex.

Since the Lexus LX570 is essentially a re-bodied Land Cruiser, the loss of the roof might not have catastrophic results on the chassis’ structural rigidity, but the cabin on top of it will definitely feel a lot flexier.

If you still remember how weird the Nissan CrossCabrio was and find Land Rover’s idea of offering an Evoque without a roof silly, then you probably want to set fire on your eyes upon looking at this thing. We simply can’t see why someone would spend that money on this car but then again, Middle East is a place where people go hunting in the desert with trained hawks, making it the perfect car for falconry lovers.

Still though, it’s a seriously bad-looking car.

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