These 5 Automakers Have the Worst Websites

The J.D. Power 2016 Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study has been released and you may be surprised to see which automakers have the worst websites.

The semi-annual study is in its 17th year and measures the usefulness of automakers’ websites during the new-vehicle shopping process. It examines four key measures (in order of importance): information/content, appearance, navigation and speed. Satisfaction of those surveyed is calculated on a 1,000-point scale with overall customer satisfaction for 2016 coming in at 808.

The study found that there is a connection between navigation problems and the perception of site speed, with the more steps needed to find information, view an image or play a video, the longer the process feels, leading to a decline in satisfaction. Of those surveyed, 42 percent experienced a problem with speed in at least one area of the website.

Build and price tools also contributed to the low scores in the speed category, as they often lagged.

Most importantly, the 2016 winter study found that websites become a conduit to a test drive, with 59 percent of new-vehicle shoppers that are “delighted” with their experience on a website saying they are more likely to test drive a vehicle after visiting the site.

Here are the five automakers with the worst websites according to the study and you may find some of them surprising since one of them is the world’s top automaker.

5. Scion – 794

Unfortunately Scion as a brand no longer exists and Toyota was quick to pull the plug on its website, so we couldn’t get a screen grab of it.

Scion was relied heavily on its website to sell cars and even introduced a special program which allowed buyers to find a price and lock it in before ever walking into a dealership.

4. Kia – 785


3. Ford – 783


2. Mitsubishi – 783


1. Toyota – 781


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