There is a high demand for the Toyota Mirai in the U.S.

There is a high demand for the Toyota Mirai in the U.S. image

The Toyota Mirai has turned out to be a best-seller in the United States as well, after it was a success on its local market, Japan.

The car manufacturer says that almost 1,900 orders have been received for the fuel cell car in the United States alone and this is more than the expected initial production of the vehicle. The company is estimating that only 1,000 model year Toyota Mirai fuel cell cars will be allocated to the U.S. market as the existing order requests are being reviewed and the first deliveries will be made starting this month (October).

Customers interested in the Toyota Mirai used to place orders on a website, which was launched a couple of months back, but this is now redirecting them to a waiting list as production is currently catching up with the high demand. Those who are on the waiting list will be contacted once production will become available. The global production capacity for the Toyota Mirai has been increased as the company says that there is an “overwhelming demand in all markets”. The fuel cell system of the vehicle is combining hydrogen gas from the tanks with oxygen which is producing electricity for the 152 (113 kW) electric motor. This is driving the front wheels and EPA-estimated stands at 67 mpg in city / highway / combined, providing a total driving range of up to 312 miles (502 km). Filling the tanks with hydrogen takes about 5 minutes.

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